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The Wanderlust Bug has Bitten…

At some point or another we’ve all thought about packing in our day jobs, escaping the stresses and strains of our daily routines for a life of travel and adventure. It seems that even the rich and famous experience the same urges for wanderlust and escape, as actor Gerard Butler has revealed he went travelling to unwind after his latest film.

After producing and staring in his latest film ‘Olympus’ (released in the UK on the 17th April) Mr Butler admitted that he went travelling for seven weeks after he finished filming, to help him relax. This film had been especially stressful for the actor, because he starred in and produced the action thriller about a Secret Service agent in the midst of a terrorist attack on the White House.

Although it isn’t unusual to see stars sunning themselves on exotic beaches, Mr Butler opted for seven weeks of travelling the world. During his break Gerard visited fiends and travelled in Scotland, Italy, England, Switzerland, Mexico, Colombia and Thailand. In an interview the actor also explained that whilst in Thailand he frequented many temples and even learnt what it means to be a Monk.

This example just goes to show that you can quench your thirst for wanderlust in a relatively short space of time. Many people think that travelling is just for the rich or for gap year students, however if you’re organised you could travel to a few destinations in a short space of time.

If this has ignited your adventurous spirit, just remember to invest in quality travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. Without travel insurance you will leave yourself vulnerable to potentially massive bills if you face a holiday disaster.

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