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The World’s Laziest Countries

For some, the perfect holiday involves lazing on a beach or by the pool, soaking up the sun, and generally relaxing and chilling out. If you want to travel to a relaxed destination this year, then you are in luck! The Metro have recently published a list of the World’s laziest countries, the top 10 include;

1. Malta

2. Swaziland

3. Saudi Arabia

4. Serbia

5. Argentina

6. Micronesia

7. Kuwait

8. Britain

9. United Arab Emirates


The list was calculated based on how active the citizens of the country were. Surprisingly, on the whole women were seen as ‘lazier’ than men, becuase more men were found to be working every day and leaving the house. Even more surprisingly, the USA, which tends to have a reputation for laziness, was extremely far down the list, ranking in the 40s, whereas the UK ranked in the top 10!

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