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The World’s most Expensive Holiday

‘The World’s Most Expensive Holiday’ was launched by in March 2013, costing a massive £1 million. The holiday is a two year luxury trip visiting the 962 UNESCO world heritage sites in over 150 countries, travelling by business class and staying in luxury hotels.

A customer from China has already snapped up the holiday, and is preparing to begin his trip in 2014. This may sound crazy, as thousands travel the world every year for so much less, but the site has had 15 enquiries about the trip, and one other very interested customer.
However, despite the hefty price tag, travellers will only be allowed to visit sites which are safe and practical. It is also important to note that this trip will be extremely gruelling, visiting more than one site every day – perhaps not so ‘luxury’ after all.
On the other hand, it cannot be denied that this is a dream trip for many – if only the schedule could be slowed down so that travellers could get a chance to experience the mix of countries and cultures properly.

I think that, given the chance and if money was no option, many backpackers and long term travellers would turn down this holiday, in favour of a slower and more indulgent trip. Furthermore, by staying and travelling in luxury, you actually miss out on many importnat experiences – most backpackers would recommend staying in hostels and travelling by bus or train because you meet so many interesting people, who offer tips and advice on what to see and do.

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