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The Worst Road Trip Stops

Planning a road trip can be difficult, with so much to see and do your itinerary needs to be packed but flexible – so what do you miss? To help anyone planning a road trip, the Mail Online Travel Team have listed the worst road trip attractions.

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Gum Wall, Seattle – believed to be the world’s least sanitary attraction, people started sticking gum to the wall in downtown Seattle back in 1993, although it took seven years for it to become a ‘tourist attraction’.
World’s Largest Ball of Twine, Kansas – started in 1953 by Frank Stoeber the ball now weighs around 20,000 pounds. Every year in August the locals add to the ball, and tourists are welcome to do the same – as long as they make arrangements in advance.
Yunessun Spa Resort, Japan – 12 days each year the ‘spa’, which is part of a Japanese amusement park, opens its red wine, green tea, sake and coffee hot tubs – apparently they’re rejuvenating.
Foamhenge, Virginia – what started as an April Fool’s joke back in 2004 has become quite an attraction…apparently. The stones, which are all made of foam, are all in the right places, just the wrong country.
Big Lobster, Australia – known locally as Larry (the big lobster), the enormous statue is 56 feet high and was constructed in 1979 to promote seafood in the area.
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