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Thefts at Sea

It has emerged recently that more than 22 Carnival Cruise passengers were the victims of robberies whilst on a shore expedition in Mexico. The Cruise passengers reportedly had their valuables and passports stolen whilst on the short trip to Mexico this year. The cruise liner company are reportedly planning to reimburse the passengers for their lost possessions, and are no longer going to take any more passengers on that guided tour.

This unfortunate incident just goes to show that a holiday disaster can strike at any time, even when you’re part of a large group on an official tour. To help anyone planning to partake in a cruise excursion, we’ve put together the following safety tips;
– Leave valuables on the ship if at all possible!

– If there are things you must bring, like money, travel documents and possessions keep them in a ‘fanny pack’ as opposed to a hand bag or back pocket. This should deter any pick pockets.

– When exiting the ship to partake in an excursion, you probably will need your passport, as they need to register your entrance and exit to that country. In case your passport is lost or stolen, ensure you photo copy the front and identification pages, and keep the photo copy in a separate place to the originals. This will make it a lot easier to obtain an emergency new passport if neccessary.

– Finally, always invest in specialist Cruise Travel Insurance, which covers you on and off the boat during cruise excursions.
Holidaysafe’s specialist Cruise cover has no upper age limits, and includes the following benefits;
• Higher cancellation cover – up to £9,999.

• Ship to shore repatriation and cabin confinement cover.

• Cover for your formal cruise attire if lost damaged or delayed.

• Cancellation cover which starts immediately after you purchase the policy.

• Excursions that have been pre-booked and pre-paid before the start of your trip.

• Trips from 2 days up to 18 months.

• UK, Europe and worldwide options available.

• Our family travel insurance offers FREE cover for your kids.

• Some sporting and other activities are covered automatically, with an extension of the cover available for most others.

• Doctor led emergency helpline 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

• Cover includes cancellation, medical emergencies, personal belongings, cash and travel documents and much more.

• Discount given on a couple’s policy.

• 14 day money back guarantee.
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