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Time Travel could Replace Beach Holidays by 2100

Imagine planning your next holiday, and not only being able to decide where and how you would like to travel, but also in what era. For example, what if you decided to spend your annual leave at Woodstock in 1969 or by teleporting yourself to a deserted island paradise?

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According to scientists at the UK’s biggest celebration of science for young people; the Big Bang Fair, time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks could all be created by 2100.
As part of the event, science experts were asked whether futuristic technology from films such as Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Trek would ever be possible – and their thoughts seem very positive.
In fact, scientists believe Invisibility Cloaks will be available to consumers in the next 15 years! Scientists are already able to use groups of cleverly placed lenses to make an item appear invisible, and digital technologies could help to make an invisibility cloak a reality.
Furthermore, they predict that teleportation could be a normal daily activity by 2080, with nothing to say that teleporting humans couldn’t be a very real possibility (following breakthroughs in Biology and Physics of course).
To add to this, scientists have also revealed that they have in fact managed to send tiny atoms 0.02 seconds into the future – proving that time travel is possible.
However, it is Space Travel that is set to become available to the general public first, with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic service offering suborbital flights from 2015.

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