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To declare or not to declare…is that really a question?

It is surprising how many people, when advised that their travel insurance claim for medical expenses or cancellation has been turned down because they have not declared a pre-existing medical condition, say “But I didn’t know I had to declare it!”

Insurance, by its very nature, is there to cover a sudden and unexpected event, apart from life assurance, you cannot insure for something you know is going to happen, and even with life assurance, no-one knows exactly when they are going to pass away.

Insurance has always worked on the premise that everyone puts the same premium into the pot, in order to help pay the claims of the unfortunate few. However, if one person is more likely to make a claim than the rest of the people, then they should pay more into the pot.

This is especially true of travel insurance, which provides cover for cancellation, curtailment and emergency medical expenses in the event that the person who is insured suffers a medical problem. So if you are aware of any medical problem that you have before you travel, whether you think it will cause a problem on your trip or not, you must declare it to the insurers.

All travel insurance policies exclude claims arising out of, or caused by, a pre-existing medical condition, and the need to declare a pre-existing medical condition has been fairly standard for over 10 years, so anyone who has travelled in that time, and purchased travel insurance, cannot fail to be aware of the need to make a declaration.

Remember that you only have to declare a pre-existing medical condition if you want your travel insurance provider to cover you for that condition.

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