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Too Young to Travel?

Prince George of Cambridge was born in July 2013, but already he has jetted around the World to visit Australia with his Royal parents. Images of the adorable Prince have been broadcast around the world, and on the whole he has handled his first Royal appointment very well.
However, as the trip came to an end last week, Prince William did admit that he wasn’t looking forward to the 30 hour trip back to the UK with his nine month old son.

Mother and baby playing with sea waves

According to a recent survey by Trip Advisor, Prince William’s reservations are quite common amongst new parents, with 73% of respondents admitting they wouldn’t attempt a long haul flight with a baby – no matter the length. In fact, only 19% said they would consider a long haul holiday, and 8% said they wouldn’t travel more than 8 hours.
Furthermore, according to Travel Supermarket the average age parents take their first born child abroad is 5 years old. Only 11% of those survey would consider taking their child on a plane between the ages of six to eleven months.
However, family holidays are definitely an important part of domestic life, as they allow you to create memories, bond and relax together. Therefore, perhaps parents should take a brave step like William and Kate (albeit with less staff to help), and try taking children away – perhaps just to Europe to start with!
To help make journeys a little easier to bare, parents can try the following tips;
• Pack favourite toys and blankets for the journey, this should hopefully make the child more comfortable as they will be entertained and surrounded by familiar items.
• Pack baby food or formula for the flight, to try and keep your child’s routine during the journey.
• If the thought of your baby crying throughout the flight makes you cringe with embarrassment, don’t let that worry you. Babies cry – it’s a fact of life, and most travellers will be used to it. If you’re really worried, you can buy sets of ear plugs quite cheaply and offer them to your fellow passengers.
• Before you leave, talk to your doctor or pharmacist, as there could be some natural aids to help your child during the flight, for example something to help with painful pressure in the ears during take-off and landing.
If you’re ready to bravely go where very few parents have dared, just remember to book quality family travel insurance before the trip. Visit for more information about insuring your kids for FREE!

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