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Top 10 Adventure Activities to try on your Next Holiday

For most holidaymakers travelling is a chance to experience something new, whether that is a new destination, a new culture, or a new activity.If your adventurous side is alive and kicking, a new activity or experience is the perfect addition to any holiday.

At home everyday life tends to take over, and the items on our bucket lists are pushed to the back of our minds in favour of our daily routine. However life is short, and a holiday or trip abroad is the perfect time to start ticking off those items.

Below we have listed our top 10 activities or adventures to try on your next trip;

. Cycling – it may sound simple, but cycling is one of the best ways to truly explore and experience somewhere.

. Everest – if you’re looking for a challenge conquering Mount Everest is something only a minority can boast, so why not add it to your list of achievements?

. Horse Riding – just imagine riding along a beautiful beach at sunset, if you’re a horse riding beginner lessons are available worldwide.

. Kilimanjaro –Mount Kilimanjaro is a big challenge, but something every dedicated and thrill seeking person should experience at least once.

. Paragliding – if you want a short thrill, you could soar above the clouds and see a destination with a bird’s eye view.

. Safari adventure – a once in a lifetime adventure, to really experience another culture and fantastic animals in their natural habitat.

. Sailing – a great day trip to get away from the land and find peace and quiet.

. Scuba Diving –why not have some training and experience something breath taking.

. Sky Diving – this features on most bucket lists – so why not try this extreme thrill abroad!

. Windsurfing – a great new sport to master.

Just remember to make sure you are adequately covered and protected to participate in these activities, by investing in quality and specialist travel insurance. For more information visit our Sports and Activities Travel Insurance page, at Holidaysafe.

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