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Top 10 Cruising Destinations

With so many cruise companies, destinations and routes available, choosing a cruise holiday can be extremely difficult. To stem your confusion, we have listed our favourite cruising destinations below;

Alaska – A colder destination, but any nature lover will adore marvelling at the Aurora, bears, moose and bald eagles.
Antarctica – another cool destination, but sailing through glass clear water and pristine ice, spotting the Northern lights, penguins, wales, seals and beautiful birds – will make the chill worth it.
Australia – although a long way away, the opportunities for adventure, to sight see and to relax are boundless.
Barbados – beautiful weather, beaches, gardens and ocean, plus great music and food – what more could you want?
Canary Islands – each island has a different personality, and different things to offer, so a Cruise to the Canary Islands will have something for everyone.
Caribbean – again a mix of beautiful beaches, wildlife, stunning rain forests plus the opportunity to dive and snorkel.
French Riviera – for a touch of Hollywood glamour, plus beautiful beaches, great food, and fascinating culture – head to the French Riviera.
Hawaii – the ‘aloha’ spirit will seize any cruisers; see an active volcano, relax on their warm beaches, or explore the spectacular scenery.
Hong Kong – the electric atmosphere and culture will captivate your senses.
Mexico – last but by no means least, for beaches, rain forests, deserts, snow-capped volcanoes, busy cities and historic ruins, visit Mexico.

Just remember to invest in specialist Cruise Travel Insurance as soon as you book your trip, to be protected against any holiday disasters. Enjoy cruising with Holidaysafe.

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