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Top 10 Scandalous Hotels in the World

Nowadays our news and social media feeds are packed full of stories about the latest celebrity gossip – and nothing is more popular then celebrity scandal. As we are now entering the summer season when thousands of Brits will leave the UK in search of new adventures, Travelzoo has themed celebrity gossip around travel, and has created a list of the top most scandalous hotels in the world.

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The top 10 infamous hotels include;
The Adlon Hotel in Berlin – famous for one singer hanging his baby out of the window to show to the crowd.

The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills – famous for being the alleged spot where an affair between a politician and a movie star began.

The Chateau Marmont in LA – famous for an unpaid bill of over $46,000 racked up by one actress.

The Holiday Inn Flint in Michigan – famous for an exploded toilet courtesy of one band’s drummer on his 21st Birthday.

The Hotel Sofitel Cardales in Buenos Aires – famous for some naughty boy band members whose antics were caught on CCTV.

The Mercer in New York – famous for one hot headed actor who threw a telephone at a member of the hotel’s staff.

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas – famous for being the place where one golfer met the woman he would later have an affair with.

The Monhegan Sun Resort in Connecticut – famous for a $20,000 bill for damages caused by one singer’s children.

The Standard Hotel in New York – famous for the recent incident between a rap super star and his Sister-in-Law in a lift.v

The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas – famous for a rather racy Royal guest who played strip billiards and was caught on camera.

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