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Top 2016 Backpacker Destinations

Embarking on a backpacking adventure is extremely exciting, but with a whole world just waiting to be explored, where should you visit? If you’re planning a Longstay adventure in 2016, these are the top emerging destinations as picked by travel experts.


Safari features on most people’s bucket list, and if it’s at the top of yours then Botswana is the perfect destination for you. Just under 40% of the country is protected nature reserve, so you have an amazing chance of spotting beautiful creatures in their natural environment. Plus, Lonely Planet names Botswana their top country for 2016 – what more do you need?



Planning a tour of Europe but dreading the inflated city prices? Head North for Estonia. Prices here are extremely reasonable, and the country’s capital of Tallinn is tipped as one of the big up and coming cities of 2016. When you get board of city life, head out to the Baltic Islands for a different twist to your trip.

Aerial panorama of Tallinn, Estonia


Want to visit somewhere truly unique? Then Mongolia should definitely be on your list. Found between Russia and China, Mongolia is a strange melting pot of eras, traditions and cultures; from modern skyscrapers to Buddhist temples and Soviet buildings. However, the true beauty of this country can be found in the rural areas, so ensure you visit a national park and partake in volcano trekking.

Mountain landscape


Featured in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best Places to Travel in the World’ list, Montenegro is a beautiful destination which really offers something for everyone. From rugged mountains home to wild bears and wolves to medieval villages and the Adriatic coast, Montenegro is a stunning destination every traveller should explore this year.



For a long time Thailand has monopolised the backpacking traveller’s time in South East Asia, but this year you should definitely consider a visit to Vietnam. Not only is it a beautiful destination teeming with history and culture, but it is also one of cheapest places to travel, with average expenses during a trip to Vietnam under £15 per day!

Fisherman boat

Now that you’ve chosen where you want to visit, next you need to ensure you’ve purchased adequate backpacking travel insurance to cover your trip. You need to ensure the policy limits are high enough to cover the pre-paid costs of your trip, and the possessions you are planning to take with you.

If you’re travelling worldwide you should also ensure you have at least £5 million medical cover to protect you against injury and illness, in Europe this should be no less than £2 million to protect you against injury and illness during your trip.


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