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Top 5 Destinations for Pregnant Travellers

Travelling whilst pregnant can be a difficult and uncomfortable process, and if you’re booking your holiday a few months in advance, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself;

Will you want to travel in a few months? You may be feeling uncomfortable by this point, and travelling to a hot country away from your home comforts might be the last thing you will want.

Will you be allowed to fly? You will need to read your airline’s small print to make sure you will be allowed to fly.

Where do you want to travel? You need to make sure that you travel somewhere which offers decent medical care, just in case.

If you do decide that you need a holiday, whether to relax with your partner or to have fun with your friends, below are our top 5 destinations for pregnant travellers;

· Cornwall – Pregnant travellers definitely shouldn’t discount holidays in the UK, there are some beautiful locations which offer a mix of past times and luxury accommodation. Cornwall is one such UK destination, it offers stunning beaches, countryside, shops, restaurants and spas – to name just a few activities.

·Devon – Again, Devon is a great UK destination, you can take walks along the beach, visit spectacular gardens and ancient castles, or if you prefer a metropolitan life style, unwind by visiting art galleries and cafes.

·France – If you would prefer a European trip, then you should head to France. France really is a country which offers something for everyone, visit Paris for some cultural sight seeing and romance, visit the south for stunning beaches, or head for the mountains if you’re in search of colder climates.

·Germany – Is another great European destination which offers something for everyone. Plus, there are several easy ways to reach the country; if you like to fly, the short journey shouldn’t put pregnant women at too great a risk of DVT, or you could opt for driving to Germany and taking a ferry, or for real comfort you could slow the journey down and go by train.

.Italy – Beaches, fashion, restaurants, history, culture; any woman will love Italy. Why not treat yourself to some shopping, relax on a beach, or ride the canals with your partner for a bit of romance.

Check out our Pregnancy Resource full of great information for travelling whilst pregnant.

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