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Top 5 Unusual Skiing Destinations

Everyone knows about the most famous skiing destinations, (Val d’lsere, Hinterux, Verbier just to name a few), but what about the more unusual places to ski? We have compiled our favourite destinations that you wouldn’t necessarily think of for your winter sports holiday.


When you think of Hawaii, most people will think of sandy beaches, cocktails and sun, but located in Mauna Kea is a snowy wonderland.

With no ski resorts, lifts or trail maps, off Piste skiing may be an understatement.

Between December and February, the mountain, which stands at 4,270m gets rather a lot of snow.

A dormant volcano, Mauna Kea’s peak is the highest point in Hawaii. The last eruption was back in 2460 BC and the mountain itself is over a million years old.

Most of the mountain is underwater, and measuring from it’s base to the peak, would measure over 10,000m which would make it the tallest mountain on earth.

You can also book sunset and stargazing tours on the mountain, but there are a few rules and regulations to adhere to, so make sure you look up the FAQ’s first!

It takes about 18.5 hours to get to Hawaii from the UK, and prices range from £700-£1000 but it is well worth it!

Accommodation can range anywhere between £70 -£400.

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South Africa

Not just perfect animal safaris, BBQ’s and wine, South Africa is full of unknown gems including Tiffindell.

Tiffindell, the only ski resort in South Africa, guarantees 100 days of snow each year and is rated number 19 on CNN’s ‘Top 100 Ski Runs of the World’.

Located on Ben Macdhui, at 2,720m, the resort holds the South African National FIS Championships here every year.

The best snow is found in their winter months understandably which runs between June and August.

When it gets warmer, it turns into an amazing bike park, and bikers aim to complete the ‘South Africa High 5

The nearest airport is Cape Town, which takes about 11hours and 45 minutes, costing approximately £900.

Accommodation ranges anywhere between £70 for a 3star hotel, to £215 for a 5star hotel.

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Oukaïmeden ski resort is located approximately 80km away from Marrakesh in Morocco in the Atlas Mountains.

It’s hard to believe this 3,273m mountain is in the middle of Morocco!

The high altitude means that snow is pretty much guaranteed from January until April.

The longest run is 3km and is certainly challenging – we would recommend this resort is for the seasoned skier, although there are nursery slopes and sledging available.

You are able to rent ski equipment, just don’t expect the newest and brightest of skis.

Flights start at £240 and take about 3.5 hours to get to Marrakesh.

Accommodation ranges from £47-£115.

Oukaïmeden is usually a day trip from Marrakesh and hotels do put on services, or you can always hop into a taxi.


Ben Lomond in Tasmania has 6km of slopes available. Located in the southern hemisphere means the ski season starts in July and lasts until mid-September.

Situated in the Ben Lomond National Park, roughly 60km from Launceston, with views from the summit that stretch across the vast park as well as the ocean.

Jacob’s Ladder is one of the many routes you can take to the resort, famous as a cycling destination and a training exercise for Richie Porte, Tour de France cyclist.

With Launceston being the closest area, accommodation averages about £70 for a 3star hotel.

Flights start anywhere from £700 up to £950, and you will need to stop twice. Once en-route to Australia such as Dubai or Hong Kong, and again in Australia, usually Melbourne or Sydney.


Situated in Europe, making it the easiest of our destinations to get to.

Mt Olympus is known as the throne to Zeus, and the home of the twelve Olympian Gods, but now, it is also a lovely remote ski resort.

If you are looking for a new and relatively untouched slope, Vryssopoulos is the slope for you. It is operated by the Greek Hellenic General, and foreigners will need approval from Special Forces Directorate of Hellenic Army General Staff before trekking there.

Mt Olympus itself has been a National Park, the first in Greece since 1938.

The Olympus ski centre, on the northern slopes of Mt Olympus is situated 8km away from Elatohori.

Standing at 1450m, the slopes have 6 ski trails totalling over 10km.

The track for snowboarding runs through the forest which is an amazing view. You can also use sleds on this track.

Accommodation in Thessaloniki ranges from £51 for a 3star hotel up to £100 for 5star hotels. There are a few places to stay in Elatohori also ranging from £45 to £80.

Flights take about 3hours from UK to Thessaloniki and prices average about £80.


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