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Top Cruising Myths

Cruises are a fantastic holiday alternative for anyone looking for a mix of luxury, adventure and relaxation, but unfortunately there are several unfair stereotypes and outdated myths about cruising which seem to deter travellers.

Cruise ship.

In this blog post we aim to address common cruising myths, and offer realistic advice about what travellers can really expect once on board;


Cruising is only for retired couples…

There is an age related stigma attached to cruising, however the majority of cruises are now tailored to suit a range of ages and family groups. There are copious amounts of activities specifically to keep children and young families occupied, luxurious romance for honeymooners and couples, enough exploration to keep the adventurous cruiser happy, plus activities for the older traveller. It all depends on the cruise liner you choose, so do your research before you book.


Cruising is expensive…

Like many other types of holiday, cruising has become more and more affordable over the last few decades. Instead of comparing a cruise directly against a beach holiday, you have to take into account what each holiday offers. For example – how much would it cost you to visit all of the destinations the cruise will include? There are some fantastic bargains to be had, so start shopping around.


We will all get bored and ill…

As I mentioned above, if you choose the right cruise there will be plenty of activities to keep even the most restless traveller occupied. Furthermore, many cruise liners are now making Wi-Fi more accessible to passengers, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family, plus social media, gaming etc.
Over the last few years there have been several outbreaks of Norovirus and alike on board certain ships. However, this should not deter you from cruising, as most ships are extremely careful to control and limit the spread of illness on board – and after all, they can’t stop passengers from bringing the virus on board. Use the hand sanitizers available throughout ships to help protect yourself.
If you’re planning a cruise holiday, just remember to invest in specialist Cruise travel insurance to protect you and your trip against a holiday disaster. Specialist cruise cover should include higher cancellation limits up to £9,999 per person, plus protection for your formal cruise attire, cabin confinement and much more. For more information visit

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