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Top Gap Year Destinations for 15/16

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has recently released a report detailing the top Gap Year travel trends for 2015-2016, including the most popular destinations and activities.

Sydney opera house at nite

The top 10 gap year destinations include;

1. Australia

2. New Zealand

3. USA

4. Peru

5. Vietnam

6. Thailand

7. Canada

8. Brazil

9. Argentina

10. India

As you can see, heavy weight destination Australia retains its title for another year, thanks to its massive popularity amongst gap year travellers. Interestingly, Vietnam and New Zealand have increased in popularity since last year, however Thailand has seemingly become less popular, falling from the number two to number six spot.

According to ABTA Members specialising in gap year travel, the most popular types of trip for school and college leavers include work experience placements abroad, internships, and volunteering trips in developing countries.

This is extremely encouraging, as a gap year shouldn’t just be an opportunity to leave the UK for a few months. Travellers need to ensure there isn’t a big gap in their CV, so they should take their time abroad as a chance to enhance their skills and experiences by working with other cultures and broadening their horizons.

For the more adventurous gap year traveller, key activities include overland tours, trekking, mountain biking and white water rafting.

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