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Top Marathons in the World

Marathons are something many of us may have considered in our slightly more active moments; however every year thousands of people run miles for charity, medals and personal satisfaction. To be officially a marathon, runners must complete a distance of over 42 kilometres or 26.2 Miles! A great distance which requires training, fitness, stamina and determination to complete.


Marathons are actually one of the more original Olympic events, and the name comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek Messenger who ran from the Battle of Marathon all the way to Athens.
One of the most famous Marathons is The London Marathon, which is held in the Capital every April. Nearly 40,000 people compete in the gruelling road race, which takes them on a tour of London they will probably never forger – many in humorous but impractical costumes to raise great sums for charity.
If you’re looking for a new training goal and are considering competition in a marathon, we’ve listed our favourite events from around the World;
The New York City Marathon, November – extremely popular with international runners, New York is the perfect marathon if you want to combine big city feel with heartfelt motivation and support from the crowds. Why not extend your trip into a city break!
The Berlin Marathon, September – if you’re a runner who needs to be engaged by his or her surroundings then Berlin is perfect for you. Run through historical sites which map Berlin’s interesting history while large crowds cheer you on. This race is perfect for normal runners and record breakers.
The Chicago Marathon, October – although not yet as large or popular as other US marathons, the Chicago Marathon offers a superbly fast course and great race management which focusses on novice runners as well as the experts.
The London Marathon, April – of course we can’t leave out the London Marathon! Perfect for disabled and able bodied runners looking for a new challenge close to home, plus the fantastic atmosphere and support will help when you hit those mental walls.

Whichever marathon you decided to partake in, just remember to invest in quality Marathon Travel Insurance before you depart. Without specialist cover you could find yourself vulnerable to holiday disasters like injuries which mean you have to cancel your trip, lost running kit and equipment, or medical emergencies during the race. For more information on running travel insurance visit

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