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Top Running Gadgets

Whether you’re a recreational road runner, take part in marathons or even charity events such as Race for Life or Mud Runs, we’ve listed the running gadgets for you!

We love gadgets here at Holidaysafe, here are some of our favourites for runners.


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Reflective Vest

Safety first! This reflective race vest is lightweight with ultra-visibility and just £11 with FREE delivery. The vests’ style allows free movement thanks to the cutaway design, and is also fully adjustable using the Velcro straps on the front – meaning one size fits most.


Accessories Holder

Designed and made by Flipbelt, it is an alternative to armbands, bulky belts or running pouches. Lightweight and a comfortable fit, the Flipbelt fits all of your must-have items within it including but not limited to:

It will even hold your Inhaler or Epi-pen as well as your keys without bouncing around. Sounds too good to be true right?

The plus points don’t end there, it’s machine washable with no buckles or fasteners that may chafe or break after a while. It also comes in a range of sizes depending on your trouser size: Men’s: 23-41 / Women’s: 4-18.

Starting at £25 for the classic design, up to £89.95 for cropped trousers that encompass the belt.


Trekz Air

This amazing technology ensures that you can listen to your music whilst still being tuned into the world around you. The gadget delivers your music through your cheekbones via bone conduction technology, keeping your ears open for hazards.

Made with titanium means it’s super light weight as well as allowing a great fit.  Furthermore, it’s been designed and certified to repel dust, sweat and moisture, ensuring your investment will stay safe regardless of the weather or how hard you train.

They come with a 2-year warranty and you can play music and/or calls for up to 6 hours on a single charge. Coming in four different colours, they retail at £149.99.



Love to run but feel put off by the winter weather? These enable you to run whatever the weather without the panic of falling or slipping over. The combination of removable spikes and steel coils means you are able to run naturally regardless of the terrain, be it snow or ice.

The inclusion of a reflective heel tab also ensures that your visibility and safety are paramount.

With England not being extremely icey that often, the $40 price tag, plus shipping, may be a bit extreme, but if you are wanting a way of being able to run whatever the weather they are a good investment!


Arm Warmers

For the colder days, of which there are many in the UK, arm warmers are great. They are super easy to remove if you decide you are too hot, especially compared to a jacket or other layers.

Coming in many colours and styles, you can find them in every sports shop or online. On Amazon they range between £5-£20 so they aren’t too expensive to try them out and see if you like them.

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