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Top Scottish Holiday Destinations

With the Commonwealth Games set to kick off in Glasgow on the 23rd July, travellers from around the world are heading to the north of the UK to cheer on their athletes and watch some fantastic sport. To celebrate these amazing games, we’ve put together our favourite holiday destinations in Scotland, to inspire you to head north too.

Edinburgh, Scotland, Scottish,


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and is usually the first stop for most travellers looking for a Scottish break. If you’re looking for a city vibe then Edinburgh will be perfect for you – coincide your trip with the annual Edinburgh festival for a taste of bohemian fun, or skip the peak season for a cheaper trip and just enjoy the many great shops, pubs and restaurants.


Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow is a fantastically vibrant destination, with museums, galleries, restaurants and shops galore. It is also a great place to enjoy live music and comedy shows – as well as the Commonwealth Games!


If you’re looking for a mix of city and rural then Aberdeen is the perfect location for you. The city if packed full of energy, so enjoy brisk walks in the country side during the day and some great bars and pubs in the evenings.


If you’re looking to escape the stresses of city life, then why not head to Inverness for a taste of rural Scotland. Pick and choose between wild life and nigh life for a relaxing trip to remember.

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