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Top Skiing Blunders

As the ski season approaches, many winter sports enthusiasts are day dreaming about crystal white powder and beautiful blue skies. However, recent research by Monarch Airlines has found that many skiers and snowboarders inadvertently make huge blunders on the slopes, much to the dismay of their fellow sportsmen.

Snowboarder at jump inhigh mountains

The survey of over 4,000 Brits found that although a massive 94% of ski fans wouldn’t splurge on the latest ski gear, over 30% said that jeans were a definite faux-pas when it comes to slope attire, and over 25% said that onesies were a definite no-no. (Tracksuits, bumbags and lycra were also voted as crimes against winter sports fashion).

When discussing the biggest annoyances whilst skiing, queue jumping at the ski lift, littering and speedy skiers made it into the short list. However, with a 30% majority, dangerous skiing was the biggest blunder on the slopes, and a definite no-no.

Interestingly, an overwhelming 72% said that they were planning to ski with family and friends, proving that the sport remains an extremely social past time. In fact, only 20% of respondents were planning to travel as a couple, and a tiny 3% were travelling solo.

The survey also found that nearly 80% through that ski holidays were too expensive, but over 50% were drawn to a winter sports holiday or the amazing mountain scenery, and over 20% were looking for the adrenaline rush of the slopes.

France was voted the most popular destination for skiers with over 40% of the votes, while Austria and Italy took second and third place. If you’re planning a winter sports holiday, don’t forget specialist travel insurance to protect yourself and your equipment against a holiday disaster. Visit for more information on quality winter sports travel insurance.

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