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Top Summer Holiday Destinations

If the UK weather has made you think about booking a holiday, we have created a list of our top summer holiday destinations, based on the type of traveller who will love them.

The List includes;

Adventurous –> New Zealand

New Zealand is a great location for any adventurous traveller; the options to explore and be active outdoors are limitless. Visit the national parks, explore caves, walk in the mountains, fly, cycle or ride around to explore the scenic views.

In seek of awe inspiring moments -> Norway

Norway is a beautiful country, and one which offers a truly magical show; the northern lights. This probably features on the bucket list of many travellers, and Norway is one of the best places to catch a glimpse of nature’s wondrous display.

Biker –> Vietnam

If your dream holiday involves two wheels, an engine and the open road, then Vietnam should be your destination of choice this year. The beautiful country offers a wonderful mix of cultures, history and scenic views. To really experience Vietnam you should head for the Ho Chi Minh Trail, which links North and South through rural areas, and is only accessible by foot or bike.

Budget –> Portugal

A recent survey found Portugal had the cheapest everyday items in the world, so any budget traveller should head here this year. However, Portugal is far more than cheap goods, the country offers great weather, beaches, night life and food.

Cruise crazy –> Caribbean

If you love to cruise during your holidays, then the Caribbean should be your next booking. Enjoy the weather as you float on crystal clear waters around beautiful islands which all have something different to offer.

Culture lover –> India

India is an enormous clash of cultures, architecture, history, senses, poverty and wealth. If you love to experience different cultures, then India should be your destination of choice. If you can, book your holiday around the Holi Festival (or Festival of Colours) in March.

Sun worshipper –> Dubai

If you’re a sun worshipper then you can’t get much hotter than Dubai, which is also the perfect ‘luxury travel’ destination. Beautiful beaches, modern living and the lively souk combine to offer a kaleidoscope of holiday possibilities.

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