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Top Ten Backpacking Destinations

1 Thailand and Laos

Top destination, its very easy to backpack here, every thing is available,
and very cheap

2 Australia
Everyone speaks English. The culture is easy to understand and varies so little that you can get on a plane to the other side of the continent and almost nothing changes.

3 Amsterdam / Holland
A cute little city is in the shape of a horse shoe and so you can end up walking in circles all day.

4 Praque, Czech Republic
Prague and the Czech Republic are important stops on the Eurorail trail, where European and American backpackers in pairs and trios dare to venture behind the old Iron Curtain. The beer is cheap, the architecture is very impressive.

5 Nicaragua
Now that Costa Rica is becoming pricey and over developed, the backpackers are taking over Nicaragua, demanding cheap hostel beds and jazz bars.

6 Morrocco
A slight draw back as Moroccan hustlers relentlessly hound you into going on a tour or buying a carpet.

7 India
India is one of the most challenging places to travel in the world but it’s also one of the cheapest which appeals to the ever budget-conscious backpacker.

8 Greece
Greece is a very seasonal affair and the entire nation heaves a sigh of relief every winter as they get a break from all the culture vultures and sun worshippers that indundate the country every summer.

9 Nepal
Nepal is altogether a lot easier to digest than India as the Nepalese are a good deal more standoffish and it’s easier for backpackers to fly in and wander around looking at temples without being hassled.

10 Guatemala
Now that Mexico has become a little more expensive for backpackers, Guatemala is a popular alternative and many take the noble step of actually learning the language in the many Spanish schools in the north of the country and Antigua.

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