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Top Ten Cruise Destinations

10 Panama Canal
See the Panama Canal on a fantastic Panama Canal cruise. Completed in 1914 and connecting the Pacific’s pulsating cities of Mexico and America to the Atlantic, is a narrow stretch of engineering mastery. The 80 kilometre journey along the canal is an unforgettable experience

9 Aruba
White sandy beaches and cobalt blue waters, tall coconut palms, constant 14-20 mph trade winds, an average year-round high temperature in the mid-80s with lows in the 70s, and a location outside of the hurricane belt–all combine to make the southern Caribbean island of Aruba a favourite port of call. An autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with its own democratic government, the island is nearly 20 miles long and almost 6 miles wide. The mountains of Venezuela, only 15 miles off the coast, can be seen on clear days.

8 Hong kong
It is positioned centrally on the cruise map of Asia and acts as a gateway to other cruise destinations in China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Situated at the tip of China, Hong Kong has a sub tropical climate with November and December being great months to travel as during this time there is usually plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.

7 Norway
Along the West coast, deep Fjords knife into steep mountain ranges with the stillness only broken by waterfalls. In older villages wooden houses spill down towards docks where Viking long ships and later, whaling vessels, were once moored.

6 Cayman Islands
Cruise ships enter the George Town Port on Grand Cayman, and may stay there for a very short time depending on the particular cruise. Shopping is one of the most popular activities for cruise passengers in the Cayman Islands. Many fine imported goods are available near the port.

5 New Zealand/Australia
Australia and New Zealand provide some of the world’s most unique and beautiful landscapes. Add this beauty to bustling cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Auckland and you have a vacation to remember. The Opera House and the world class wineries bring an air of sophistication contrasting with the rugged outback and wildlife. With a variety of activities and sights to see, you will never be at a loss for experiences and memories in these destinations. Visit the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, visit Ayres Rock and watch the sunset over the desert. You can swim in the the Great Barrier Reef or take a trip into the rain forest. See the steaming geysers at Rototua in New Zealand or take it easy in the Bay of Islands.

4 Alaska
South East Alaska is a big part of why this state is known as the “Great Land.” Fjords, waterfalls, glaciers, and snow-capped peaks make up the surroundings.

3 French Riviera
The French Riviera refers to the area of the Alpes Maritimes and the Principality of Monaco. It is located in the extreme south-east of France extending westwards from the Italian border 120km to just beyond Cannes and 90kms northwards to the Southern Alps.

2 Virgin Islands
There is nowhere better than the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean: it is one of the finest and safest sailing areas in the world. The British Virgin Islands are a group of small and mostly uninhabited. The waters are superb for swimming, snorkelling, diving, yacht and sailing. Most of the islands have a volcanic origin which gives character to the terrain.

1 Barbados
When it comes to natural beauty, attractions, and especially its seemingly endless stretches sandy beaches, among the best in the entire Caribbean, no port of call in the southern Caribbean can compete with Barbados. The island, the most easterly . Stretching about 35 miles north to south and 15 miles east to west, you will find rolling hills and a rough and rugged Atlantic shoreline and flat sugar cane fields and a beautiful calm Atlantic shoreline. Most of the population lives near Bridgetown and on the west coast near to the tourist industry hotels that dot the west shore.

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