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Top Travel Hacks for the Beach has recently conducted research into the things travellers find most frustrating when at the beach, and have offered top ‘travel hacks’ to help solve their problems…

Boys and girls group having fun on the beach

All that excess sand even after you leave the beach – to get rid of excess sand simply sprinkle talcum powder on your wet/sandy skin. This should help to dry up any excess moisture which makes the sand stick, allowing you to simply brush it off.
Worrying about my electronics – If you’re worried about your phone or camera, protect them against sand and water damage by keeping them in a plastic bag. You can even use your phone through the re-sealable bag, so no need to expose it to any sand or water splashes.
Worrying about my valuables – you should never leave your valuables unattended, but you can ensure they are doubly protected by hiding them in empty sun cream bottles or limp balm containers. You could even put them in a baby’s nappy or tampon box – people are not very likely to look in there!
That painful walk across the boiling sand – make walking across the sand more bearable by wearing flip flops – sound too obvious? Make sure your shoes stay cool by leaving them face down in the shade.
Sunburn – sunburn can be really painful and dangerous, so always ensure you buy quality after sun. If you can’t find any or you’ve run out, try using some natural yogurt from the fridge to soothe the burn. Drinking iced tea is also a great way to help skin recover from sun burn quicker.
Getting bitten by mosquitos – if you hate getting bitten on holiday, try covering your skin in baby oil. Although it won’t repel the bugs, it should make your skin less attractive to them.
I never have enough storage – for a clever storage solution at the beach, why not sow some squares of material onto your beach towel to make pockets? Make sure you only use the sides of the towel, otherwise you will have lumpy sunbathing to look forward to.
Getting glamorous for the beach – to get some added glamour into your sun worshiping, try coating your hair in lemon juice. The juice mixed with the sun will give you a natural high lightening system – cheaper than a trip to the hairdresser. Protect your hair against frizz and damage in the sun by mixing water with coconut oil and spraying on your hair before you go out.
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