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Top Travel Priorities

According to recent research by InterContinental Hotels Group, access to loved ones at home via the internet is top of the priority list for most frequent travellers.

In fact, over 25% of people surveyed said they had read their children a bed time story over the internet using programmes like Skype, as a way of staying in touch whilst abroad. Furthermore, surprisingly over 50% of travellers also admitted to making sure their pets are ok at home by using the same kind of programme.

It seems that in our ever evolving world, we now prefer to stay in contact with home via the internet, instead of using a mobile phone. In fact, over 40% said they would prefer to connect with their families via the internet so they can see their fact and chat in real time, as opposed to using a phone.

Years ago, the only way for frequent travellers to stay in contact with home was via postcards, letters, or the hotel’s phone. However, now this has become a source of anxiety for travellers, who want to make sure that they can contact their family at the click of a button, and vice versa.

This feeling seems to be strongest amongst backpacker, Longstay and business travellers, as they are usually away from home most frequently and for the longest periods.

However, it is important to question whether the urge to stay in contact with home is actually affecting our experience of being away. This may not ring true with business travellers, but backpackers are usually on a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kind of adventure, so it is important to throw yourself into the experience head first.

Yes, it is important to stay in contact with home whilst abroad, to make sure nobody is worrying about you, and to make sure you are contactable in an emergency, however, you shouldn’t let fear of ‘disconnecting’  for a few hours, both from the internet and from your family, stop you from experiencing everything you want to.

If you had the opportunity to visit a beautiful paradise island for a few days, would you let a lack of internet access stop you?

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