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Travel Agents think the effect of Social Media is overestimated

The internet and social media are now massive parts of our everyday personal and business lives, however according to research carried out by Directline holidays, only 1% of us use social media, and 10% use the internet, when deciding on our holiday destinations.

Instead 12% of us rely on recommendations from friends, 30% from family and 7% from work colleagues, when we choose our next holiday.

Interestingly the survey also found that 13% of us are still influenced by media, such as magazines, TV and newspaper articles.

However how accurate is this survey? If social media and the internet are really becoming such a vital part of how we communication, how could it fail to influence our decisions on some level? For example, how did the participants seek out recommendations from friends? Twitter or Facebook would be a great platform to ask for tips and advice for holiday destinations, to view or share holiday pictures and to strike up conversations about the subject.

Furthermore, the success of websites such as Trip Advisor and Money Supermarket show how savvy the online holiday shopper is becoming, comparing prices and checking reviews online before committing to anything.

However you book your holiday this year, just make sure you invest in quality travel insurance before you depart. Travel insurance is a vital investment for any traveller, as it protects you against potentially colossal bills if you need medical treatment abroad, or if your possessions are lost or damaged during the trip.

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