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Travel Checklist

Before you travel make sure you try and tick off a check list ,for example make sure you have a valid passport with at least a few months remaining on the expiry date, otherwise in many cases you may have to apply for a new one. Very often you may need 6 months remaining on it.give your self pleanty of time before travelling to renew, also check and doublecheck which visas are required.

Here are a few more vital checks to uindertake before travelling:

Research where the nearest embassy will be , go online to your home countries site & find out the address, email, telephone numbers, and opening hours
If you are an EU citizen & travelling within the EU, then get your free European Health Insurance Card . Emergency telephone number in Europe is 112

Go online to your government travel site and check what vaccinations or shots you will need. You can also ask your tour operator.

Let other people know you are going away, for how long, and leave contact numbers

Leave copies of important documents online or at home.

Buy a good guide on your destination country, study maps, online articles, you will enjoy your trip far more if you are educated about your destination.

Be aware of driving restrictions and laws if you are driving abroad, if your licence allows you to drive. Even in Europe you need to be 25 years of age to get a hirecar and insurance.

Know what you can take into a country in terms of limits, alcohol, cigarettes etc, and what you can bring back! At best it will be taken off you if over limits, at worst you get fined. If you take anything illegal into a country and it is a country with bad human rights abuses like United Arab Emirates for example, BEWARE. In Dubai for example simple painkillers or alcohol are highly illegal.

Respect local traditions, keep your eyes and ears open, go with your instincts

Look into internet access and mobile phone coverage and costs before you go. You don’t want the dreaded huge bill when you return. Sometimes its cheaper to buy a cheap local pay as you go sim on arrival if you need to contact your home country. Do not use the hotel phone.

Never leave your luggage unattended whilst travelling to and from your destination, it is your responsibility. Of course never agree to carry anything for someone unless you have checked it and know it is an innocent present. Use luggage locks or cable ties on your luggage.

Get the best travel insurance at or annual travel insurance cover if you are frequent traveller. Take the original certificate with you & leave a copy at home in case you lose it.

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