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Travel Habits to Break

We all have bad habits we know we should stop, however some habits will only surface whilst we are abroad, and these might be the most annoying of all!

Tourists are infamous for being annoying, from wondering around desperately clutching a map and getting in the way, to constantly snapping photographs and failing to learn any of the local language. Not only do tourists annoy more seasoned travellers, but they can also be extremely irritating to the locals.
To ensure you aren’t an annoying tourist on your summer holiday, try to break these top bad travel habits;



One of the biggest perks of travelling abroad is the chance to experience some authentic cuisine, however many travellers prefer to stick to what they know, and frequent international fast food chains like MacDonald’s. If you are guilty of this travel sin, you really are missing out on some fantastic experiences, try some street food and famous local dishes, you won’t regret it.

Tourist Hot Spots

When you imagine a stereotypical tourist, you will probably picture someone with a camera glued to their face, rushing from one major site to the next. How can you truly experience anywhere if you are viewing it all from behind a lens? You may as well have stayed at home and watched TV! Of course you want to take pictures, but you should also take the time to actually wonder around between major sites and take everything in – you will get a much more real sense about what the locations is actually all about, and you may even stumble across a hidden gem.


In the UK we’re all guilty of yearning for great weather, however when planning a trip you should research more than just the weather. Is the country safe to visit? Is there anything you need to know? (e.g. should you be extra aware of pick-pocketers?) Is there anything ‘not to missed’? Make sure you do plenty of research before you book your holiday to avoid any nasty surprises.


Language is almost always going to be a barrier when you travel abroad, and personally I love travelling abroad and listening to the different sounds of another language. One of the cardinal tourist sins is expecting that everyone will speak English when you arrive. As you are a guest in their country, it would be polite to learn a few words of their language – thank you and hello are always good phrases to know.


If you like to buy souvenirs of your trip, why would you buy them at the airport? Usually these items would have been shipped in, and probably weren’t even made there! Instead why not wonder around some local markets, not only will you find something authentic, but you will also be helping the local community buy buying their products. (Just be careful you don’t buy anything which would be banned by customers, like protected shells or coral).

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