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Travel insurance – can you afford to be without it?

With the number of UK travellers abroad increasing by 8% each year, and more and more people visiting exotic locations, you would be surprised at the question; Is travel insurance really necessary? A seemingly obvious question to those that have needed to use travel insurance, however with 19% of people still travelling without it, it seems that not everyone would agree.
For those people, here is something to think about…

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You’ve earned your break. You deserve to enjoy it to the full.

You arrive at your destination but your bags don’t. Stuck in a sunny country with just your jeans, t-shirt, shoes and cabin bag, your luggage finally arrives two days into your seven day holiday.

You get unpacked and go for a swim, but come back to your room to find the door open and no wallet, cash, camera, passport or jewelry.

You head to the hotel restaurant and choose the freshly caught tuna – your favorite, things are looking up. Only, it turns out to be “three day fresh” and kept in the sun. Four hours later you are in a foreign hospital and they are asking about travel insurance!

Okay, so the details of the above claim have been embellished slightly, but with most travel insurance policies one phone call would solve most of these holiday issues…Hospital bills guaranteed, translation services with foreign hospital organised, hospital benefit payment to assist in making a bad situation slightly more comfortable, funds provided for essential items to help you through until your luggage arrived and upon returning home financial support to replace the items stolen from your room.

Let’s face it travel insurance is not the most exciting of subjects. You probably don’t spend much time researching the most suitable and like most people you buy the cheapest “because I probably won’t need it”


If all your travel insurance policy does is provide you with peace of mind whilst you travel, surely it has already been worth the purchase. If however something does happen whilst you are abroad, what then? Nearly 7% of people that travel have reason to use their travel insurance and with claims often reaching tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of pounds, surely it is a worthwhile purchase.

Travel insurance is a diverse product with multiple sections of cover, the most frequently claimed upon sections are Medical expenses (approximately 48% of all claims), cancellation of a trip (approximately 37% of all claims) and loss of or damage to personal possessions (approximately 9% of all claims).

Medical claims can range in value dramatically dependent upon what the treatment is for and where you are travelling to. For example:

Don’t let your holiday become a life changing experience because of a huge bill.…take some time to find a suitable travel insurance policy, if for no other reason than the peace of mind it will provide.

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