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Travel Insurance Claims

Many people do not realise the real necessity of investing in top quality travel insurance before they travel. Many seem to think of insurance companies as ‘the bad guys’, on par with traffic wardens. However, we are actually ‘the good guys’, we are on your side, and if you buy essential travel insurance before you travel and need help, we will be there every step of the way.

Below are some of the claims the industry have dealt with this year:

. £23,000 bill for one traveller with a bad case of ‘Delhi Belly’. Can you imagine a £23,000 bill when you return from holiday? Luckily his insurance company covered the bill.
. A whopping £20,400 for a young traveller suffering with Chicken Pox in Mexico.
. £6,000 for a dog bite in South Africa.
. £5,000 for a very unlucky person struck by lightening in South Africa.
. £4,800 for a particularly bad insect bite in the Dominican Republic.
. £2,500 bill for sunburn in the USA.
. £1,000 for a silly traveller who drank gasoline in Turkey.
. Another £1,000 bill for a poor lady who swallowed her tongue and needed to be hospitalised.

As you can see, travel insurance really is an essential. At we offer affordable travel insurance to meet any budget, an award winning team, and first class customer service in our UK based call centre. Every one of our policies offers:

. Cancellation, medical emergencies, personal belongings, cash and travel documents and much more.
. Multiple levels of cover allowing you to choose the best policy for your needs.
. UK, Europe and worldwide options available.
. FREE cover for your kids on our Family Policies.
. Optional sport and activities cover.
. Doctor led medical emergency helpline 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
. Discounts for couples.
. 14 day money back guarantee.

Visit and explore what the world has to offer.

Please note, Holidaysafe's online prices automatically include a 15% discount against our Customer Service Centre prices.
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