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Travel Insurance For Older Travellers

Why is it so difficult to buy travel insurance if you are aged 65 or over? In an age when we are living longer and keeping fitter, 65 is hardly ‘over the hill’. There used to be a saying that ‘life begins at forty’, but for most people these days it actually begins at 65!

When package holidays first began in the early Sixties, the people who wanted to travel abroad were young. People aged over 60 at that time distrusted foreign travel and food, preferring coach trips to Bournemouth or Brighton. Consequently, they didn’t buy travel insurance, so the insurance industry was encouraged to keep premiums low for the younger traveller and to have higher premiums for those aged 65 and over (who weren’t buying it anyway).

However, the baby boomers of the Sixties and Seventies, now seasoned travellers – have ventured further afield than Benidorm; now that their families are grown up and some have either taken early retirement (or have reached normal retirement age) they have disposable time and income. They are travelling more regularly and they are travelling to more exotic locations.

Unfortunately some travel insurance policies have not moved with the times and these travellers are suddenly finding that their travel insurance premiums are rocketing once they hit 60 or 65 years of age.

Holidaysafe Club 65 travel insurance has broken that mould and provides low cost travel insurance for those aged 65 and over.

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