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Travel Insurance Survey Reveals Disturbing Results

A recent survey commissioned by Nationwide has revealed some extremely troubling attitudes towards travel insurance among travellers and holiday makers.

Road signs to insurance and risk

The survey found that nearly 25% wouldn’t purchase travel insurance for a global trip of up to 6 months – a shocking admission considering the amount which can go wrong on extended trips abroad, for example medical emergencies, high cancellation costs, and what about the fees of getting home if something goes wrong?
However, this oversight isn’t limited to Longstay travellers, as over 40% said they wouldn’t insure themselves for a European weekend away, and a further 38% said they wouldn’t bother seeking insurance for a long weekend outside of Europe.
The results of this survey are troubling, because for as little as £5.32 from you could be covered against bills up to £5,000,000 for medical emergencies, cancellation costs of up to £1,500 per person and other holiday disasters such as missing baggage up to £1,500 per person, with higher cover levels also available.
Many people wrongly assume that they will be covered for all medical costs including repatriation in Europe using their EHIC, or that their government will help them with bills, however this is incorrect. Travelling without quality insurance means that if you did face a holiday disaster, you would be liable to pay all of the potentially colossal bills. Furthermore, you would be forced to negotiate these bills alone, instead of handing the case over to a dedicated and professional claims team.
If you’re thinking about travelling abroad, or taking a long weekend break in the UK, don’t forget to purchase quality travel insurance to protect you and your trip against an expensive holiday disaster.
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