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Travel Nightmares – Lost, Stolen or Damaged Possessions

When setting off on trips and holidays abroad, no one wants to consider what could go wrong, or what could happen, so we focus on the excitement and anticipation instead. However, things can unfortunately go wrong – as they can on a normal day in the UK – but when they happen in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, these holiday disasters can turn into nightmares quite quickly.
One of the biggest issues faced by holidaymakers every year is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed possessions.


Delayed Possessions
Imagine treating yourself to a whole new holiday wardrobe, only to arrive to find your case was put on the wrong flight. This would most likely leave you without a change of clothes or any essentials; unless you have money to buy new things from the holiday budget while you wait for the airline to track down your case. Alternatively, invest in travel insurance which includes cover for delayed possessions, as this will cover the costs of buying essential items while you wait for your case.
Stolen Possessions
In every country there will unfortunately be a very small number of unscrupulous people who will try to steal or scam you to make money. The key to avoiding these people is to take precautions such as;
• Nowadays we all take gadgets away with us, but these are extremely big targets for thieves. Keep all valuables including gadgets and travel documents in your locked hotel safe or accommodation if at all possible.

• If you have to bring valuables such as your cash or passport, use a bum bag or fanny pack under your clothes instead of a back pocket or handbag. This keeps your valuables as close to your body as possible, and will deter pickpockets.

• Try to look as un-touristy as possible! Thieves will always be drawn to tourists who are distracted by their surroundings and are probably carrying valuables, so stay alert.

• Take a photocopy of your passport and keep it in a separate location to the original, this will make it much easier to obtain a new one if yours is stolen.

• Again, buy quality travel insurance which covers stolen possessions and gadgets.
Damaged Possessions
If your case or possessions arrive damaged, you can claim compensation from the airline. Alert airport staff to the damage as soon as possible before you leave the airport to see what they can do. If the airline won’t help, or if your items have been damaged during the trip, travel insurance can step in to cover the costs of replacing them, minus any wear and tear depending on the age of the items.
Lost Possessions
It can be easy to lose things on holiday, especially if you are trying to read a map or timetable and carry a bag, camera and water bottle for example. However, you must be really careful not to drop or misplace your items, as once they’re gone, they are usually gone. Be especially careful when on the beach, as travel insurance will not cover items which were stolen from a beach or lido, and any items left unattended.
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