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Travel Nightmares

You may have recently read several stories in the papers about people who have been injured on holiday.

Two stories especially stand out; the first is about Matthew Taylor, a 30 year old teacher who was involved in a motorcycle accident whilst abroad. He has now been in a coma for over three months, and because he had no travel insurance, his friends and family have raided their savings and taken out loans to pay for his medical bills and his mother’s living expenses as she cares for him. Matthew is now in a hospital in England, but the costs of merely keeping him alive have exceeded £250,000!

The second story is about Christopher Wilson, who was hit by a car as he crossed the road outside his accommodation during a five day trip to Greece. Mr Wilson was rushed to hospital and treated for a fractured skull and brain injury. He was placed in a medically induced coma whilst his insurance company consulted with doctors, the police and arranged an air ambulance worth £27,000 alone, to fly Mr Wilson back to an English hospital. Christopher Wilson is now awake and being treated by specialists in the UK.

These two stories show how importnat it is to invest in a good quality travel insurance policy before you travel, irrespective of your destination, as many people wrongly assume that if they travel with in Europe they will not have to pay for medical assistance.

So, for true piece of mind on you holiday, visit holidaysafe, for superior travel insurance that will protect you and your companions on your travels.

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