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Travel Safety Abroad

Every year thousands of people jet off around the globe heading for adventure or relaxation. These trips can range from 2 days to 2 years; however no matter the duration, personal safety should always be at the front of any traveller’s mind.

Obviously some destinations are considered more dangerous than others, for example British officials have recently raised concerns about tourist safety in Thailand, after numerous accidents, injuries and deaths in December and January.
Below we have compiled a list of our top safety tips when travelling abroad;
. The number one rule is always use your common sense, if your gut tells you something is wrong, then trust it. It is always better to be safe than sorry!
. Try to avoid ‘seedier’ areas if you can, stick to main streets.
. Do not wear expensive jewellery.
. Always use a money belt rather than carrying your money or passport in a handbag or in your pocket.
. Before answering the door, always check through the spy hole.
. Leave a television or radio on when leaving your room.
. Take your room key with you; do not leave it at reception.
. Always use bolts or deadlocks on doors.
. Try to avoid walking around alone, especially at night.
. Carry small change for drinks and busses. Keep small notes or coins in a separate pocket so that you don’t have to get your purse or wallet out on the street.
. Research the area you are visiting, has there been an increase in tourist muggings recently? Is it generally recommended as a safe place to visit? Check the FCO ‘Know Before you go’ campaign’ before you travel.
. Always invest in quality travel insurance, and make sure any planned activities are covered.
. If you are the victim of a mugging, always contact the police as soon as possible.
If you are the victim of violence, immediately seek medical help and alert your travel insurer.

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