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Travel Tech: Non-Stop Flights to Australia by 2050

It may seem ridiculous to get excited about something which won’t be available until 2050, but when we heard about the possibility of non-stop flights from the UK to Australia, we couldn’t resist researching and sharing this travel tech news.

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KLM have partnered with the Delft University of Technology to create designs for a ‘blended wing’ plane, which basically means the aircraft will be more streamlined, making it more fuel efficient. Furthermore, the designs include two different hybrid engines, one which burns natural gases and one which burns bio fuel – making it a much greener way to travel.
The aircraft, which has been named AHEAD (Advanced Hybrid Engine Aircraft Development), is being designed to carry 300 passengers and to travel over 8,500 miles, which would get passengers very close to Australia without a stopover.
Unfortunately the designs are still in their infant stages, and there are a lot more tests to run before KML can start using the AHEAD aircraft for scheduled flights. However, next time you board a plane, just think about all the amazing technology that is within our reach, and the possibilities these inventions will create for travellers.
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