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Travel World Records

Over the last year people around the world have frantically been trying to beat and set world records, usually including weird and wonderful entries like ‘the world’s longest fingernails’ and ‘most times through a tennis racket’. Now all their efforts have come to fruition, as the 2014 book of Guinness World records has been released.

The records aren’t only related to strange talents, but also to quite normal topics which relate to everyday people. At Holidaysafe, our number one passion is travel, so we were mostly interested in the holiday related entries.

According to a recent news article, the best travel related world records include;

· Coldest destination – at -89C the Vostok research station in Russia was the clear winner.

· Happiest country – went to Costa Rica, after its citizens rated their happiness at an average of 8.5 out of 10.

· Highest swimming pool – nearly 475 metres above the ground stands the ICC building swimming pool in Hong Kong.

· Hottest Place – Death Valley in California recorded a sweltering temperature of 56.7C back in 1913.

· Largest active volcano – Hawaii actually holds the record for both the largest and most active volcano in the world! The largest is Mauna Loa, at 75 miles long and 31 miles long.

· Largest game reserve – with over 21,000 square miles of land, the Selous Game Reserve  in Tanzania holds this record.

· Most expensive hotel room – the Royal Penthouse suite in the President Wilson hotel, Geneva, is probably out of most price ranges.

· Tallest building – the Burj Khalifa sky scraper in Dubai won this category at nearly 830m.

· Warmest Ocean – was awarded to the Indian Ocean, which has recorded temperatures as high as 28C.

· Wettest place – with nearly 470 inches of rain every year, Mawsynram in India won this unfortunate accolade.

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