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Travelling is Child’s Play

Travelling with young children or whilst expecting a child can turn a relaxing holiday into a nail biting experience. To help any parents planning a holiday this year, we have created a list of helpful tips and advice to keep everyone happy this summer.

If you’re travelling with children;

· Keeping children amused whilst travelling can be really difficult, but there are several things you can do to keep them entertained. Depending on their age you can allow them to pack a favourite toy or game, or create a game in the airport, for example create a ‘bingo’ list of things they have to spot ending with your airplane.

· Children are now required to have their own passport, and these expire every 5 years – so make sure your child’s passport is still valid.

. If you’re travelling somewhere hot make sure you reapply sun screen to your kids regularly, especially if they are playing in water. Make sure they stay hydrated and take breaks in the shade.

· Be extremely vigilant when children are playing in water, especially in the sea. Strong tides can quickly and easily drag a child away from the shore, especially if they are using inflatables.

· Make sure the holiday appeals to the adults and children, choose a family friendly resort or location to make sure everyone is happy.

If you’re pregnant and planning to travel this summer, there are a few things you should be aware of;

· You need to check the airline’s small print on pregnancy, because some airlines will have different rules. On the whole you will usually be allowed to fly up to 36 weeks, however after 27 weeks most airlines will require a ‘fit to fly’ letter from your doctor. Limits are different for woman carrying multiple children.

. Under health and safety rules airlines can deny boarding if they think a pregnant woman will not be mobile enough in an emergency situation.

· Airport scanners will not hurt your baby, but you can request a manual ‘pat down’ if you are really worried.

· Talk to your doctor before you travel, and make sure you chose a destination which has decent medical facilities (just in case). Never take medication which has not been approved by your doctor.

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