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Travelling Solo

Off on a solo adventure? We have collated our top tips and tricks for you.

Travelling on your own is a wonderful thing and, if you haven’t done it already, we would certainly recommend it. We aren’t saying you have to go off for months or years, even a weekend city break counts.

It means not having to compromise on where to go and what to do, or whether or not you should have that second pain au chocolat!

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However, for all the pro’s there can obviously be cons too, so we want to ensure you are fully prepared before travelling on your own, regardless of where you are going.

Be Organised

When travelling solo, you need to be much more organised than when travelling with family, friends or partners as it is all down to you.

Be Safe

As exciting it is to see somewhere brand new, taking it all in can be very overwhelming, so ensure you complete these steps to feel as safe as possible.

Have fun

The main thing we want to make sure you remember is to have fun!


If we haven’t inspired you to book to go away in the depths of the January Blues, we don’t know what will!

Have you been a solo traveller already? Where did you end up?


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