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Travelling Thailand during Summer Break


What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Abdel and I am currently a student studying medicine.


Where have you been?

Thailand – Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Pangyan, Ko Tao, Cambodia – Siem Reap, Laos – Vang Veing.

Abdel Thailand 1

What made you decide to take the leap and go travelling?

I am a medical student, and in September I begin the clinical part of my degree, so I knew this was my last summer to relax before everything gets very serious. A few friends from Uni had been talking about a big trip and I decided to go with them.


How long were you away?

Five weeks


How did you plan your trip?

We planned most of the trip by ourselves as a group, but we did get a little help from a travel agent.


Did anyone in your group need any medical treatment while you were away?

Unfortunately yes, my friend had to get 19 stiches for two cuts bellow his bottom lip.

Abdel Thailand 2

Did you do any exciting/adventurous activities?

We wanted to do as much as possible on our trip, to really make the most out of our time, so we went scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling. We also through ourselves head first into the weirder sides of the culture, we ate ostrich, and some of the boys ate a snake’s heart…I did not take part in that!


Where was the most interesting place you stayed?

We stayed in loads of nice bungalows and hotels during our trip; because the pound stretches so far in Thailand you can afford some really nice places. The nicest place we stayed was in Ko Toa and Ko Pangyan, we stayed in a beach hotel where the pool was built up over the sand, and there was a bar and DJ stand in the water. The rooms looked out over this view.


What piece of travel gear would you recommend to everyone?

The travelling gear I would recommend is definitely a quality backpack, and to pack as lightly as possible. When I went to Thailand my bag weighed 6kg and I think I had the right amount of clothes and luggage. It makes everything so much easier when moving around and travelling between hotels.


What was the highlight of your trip?

Every day of my trip had its own highlight; I honestly could not pick just one, we dominated events. I would definitely recommend that everyone goes travelling at some point; you make some amazing memories that stay with you for life.

Abdel Thailand 3

Where there any low points during your time away from home? If so what were they?

There were no low points at all during my trip; I literally had a dream holiday.


Is there anywhere you would recommend everyone visit?

I would recommend anyone in my age group to visit Vang Veing in Laos, we had so much fun there.


What one piece of advice would you give anyone planning to go travelling?

Be very careful when you’re out and about; especially at night and if you’ve had a drink, because some locals target vulnerable tourists and steal from them or swindle them – but I’m sure this is the same in most tourist destinations.


Would you recommend travelling solo or in a group?

Some people love travelling on their own, but it’s not something that would interest me, getting to travel with my close mates made the trip what it was. I loved every minute of it, and I would definitely go back.

Abdel Thailand 4

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