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Travelling with a baby this summer?

Here are our Top Tips for travelling with a little one.

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In your hand luggage…

Calculate your journey time and factor in delays to help you figure out how much to take. The basics include all the bottle and food paraphernalia, bibs and cloths for wet burps, a dummy, and, depending on the length of the trip, possibly some sterilizing equipment (steritabs and a plastic bowl or beaker) as well. You’ll also need a supply of nappies, wet-wipes and nappy cream, plastic bags to stash soiled items until you can next dispose of them, and a changing mat – a compact roll of plastic sheeting will do. A toy or some music to sooth and keep your baby entertained is also worth having. Otherwise, and in anticipation of the odd mishap, take extra clothes for your baby and tops for yourself – breastpads too, if you’re breastfeeding. Finally, carry some teething gel, and a basic medical kit.

Babies and passports?

Yes, it’s a requirement for all UK citizens these days. Just bear in mind that if the photograph no longer resembles your child, you should get it updated. And if you’re travelling as a lone parent, it’s safest to carry consent forms to travel from the absent parent – the chances of you being stopped and asked for such papers increase if you don’t share your baby’s surname or looks. The requirements for this vary, so do check with the consulate of the country you plan to visit.
Before booking check with your GP or a specialist Travel Clinic about immunisations. Make sure they are up to date and that no extra ones are needed. Some are not available for children under two years old or may be dangerous to pregnant or nursing mothers.

Baby milk on a plane?

Yes it is okay. So long as the amounts of milk (and baby food) are within what’s reasonable for the journey. But always check the latest security information as the specifications for packing, in particular, change frequently. Water is a different matter – it’s unlikely that you’ll be allowed to carry all you need; so check to avoid having to ditch supplies – bear in mind that you will be able to get more within airports and on board planes. Don’t forget that nappy cream also comes with restrictions; so carry a small jar (less than 100ml) and relegate the bumper pack to your checked-in luggage.

Tiny Tots Away is a great site with lots of information for travelling families. Well worth checking out, but before you do…

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance offers free cover to infants under 2 years old, so for two adults and a baby under two travelling within Europe, covers starts from a very reasonable £14.49*
Family travel insurance, say two adults and two children, on the same basis starts from just £16.10^
*Includes Insurance Premium Tax is based on 2 adults aged under 35 taking out a ‘standard’ single trip travel insurance policy for 7 days in Europe. Cover details and prices are correct at time of going to press (March 2009) and are subject to change.

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