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Trip Troubles

We all look forward to our yearly holidays, as they give us a chance to truly unwind and relax after the stresses and strains of the months before. However, according to a recent survey by consumer champions Which?, over 6 million Brits have suffered a holiday disaster in the last two years alone!

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The survey found that over 20% of respondents were caused so much stress by their holiday nightmare that they felt they needed another trip to recover.
Although the survey found that we Brits aren’t afraid to make a complaint, with over 60% saying they would complain if something went wrong, only around 50% would actually feel confident that they knew what their rights were.
The survey found that the top holiday disasters experienced by Brits since 2012 include;
• Flight delays

• Baggage delays

• Delays for cancellation of transport, including trains or taxis

• Problems with accommodation, including rude staff, cleanliness and reality matching brochure descriptions

• Lack of communication or problems with staff regarding delays and cancellations
Although we won’t be able to help if your room is untidy, the only real way to protect yourself against a holiday disaster is to buy quality travel insurance before you depart. Travel insurance can step in if your luggage is delayed, if you face long delays at the airport, if your trip is cancelled, or if failure of your public transport causes you to miss you flight.
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