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Trips for History Lovers

Today it was officially announced that remains found in a council car park in Leicester, are those of the infamous King Richard III.

Archaeologists based their findings on DNA from the same maternal family, and the fact that the Skelton had an extreme curve to the spine, matching descriptions of the King.

This solves the mystery of what happened to the King after he was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, when he was overthrown by King Henry VII and replaced by the Tudor dynasty.

This discovery has ignited many people’s interest in England’s rich history, so below we have listed the best day trips for history buffs;

. Bosworth Battle Field – you can have a tour around the battle field, and watch re-enactments.

. Charles Dickens’ House – was occupied by Dickens and his family from 1837 – 1839, and is a must visit for any literary or Dickensian fan. The Dickens walks are also extremely interesting.

. Hadrian’s Wall – was a Roman defensive structure built from AD 122 onwards. Emperor Hadrian commissioned the wall to protect his land, and much of the wall still exists today surrounded by beautiful countryside.

. Hampton Court Palace – located in Surrey, Hampton Court is great for family trips and to learn about Tudor life. The ghost tours are also popular.

. Shakespeare’s houses – in Greenwich you can visit a number of houses which were important to Shakespeare, including his birthplace and Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

. Smugglers Caves – Hastings is an extremely important location in British history, including the Battle of 1066. The Smugglers Caves are more modern and also extremely interesting, telling the story of a dark past.

. The British Museum – located in central London, the British Museum offers a great day out for any history lover eager to discover different periods.

. The Globe Theatre – is a unique way to see explorations of Shakespeare’s work in the very theatre he wrote the plays for.

. The Tower of London – one of London’s most famous landmarks, and key part of British history.

. The White Cliffs of Dover – are brilliant for anyone who wants to learn more about the Tudors and the Second World War. Visit the castle and the secret underground cave system.

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