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Vaccination Efficiency

Every year thousands of people head worldwide for exotic holidays and amazing adventures. Travelling to these far-flung destinations usually means a trip to the doctor for important vaccinations to protect against certain diseases and illnesses, which you may come into contact with whilst away.

Recently, new research from the San Francisco University of California is suggesting that a decent night’s sleep after a jab can boost the positive effects of the vaccination. The research, which involved 125 40-60 year olds, asked the group to complete a sleep diary for 6 months, whilst having a certain course of immunisation injections.

Throughout this period, the antibody levels of each participant were measured, and the results were collected and studied. The figures showed that people who had not gotten enough sleep, so less than the recommended six to eight hours sleep a night, were over 11 times less likely to be fully protected by the vaccinations.

The academics who conducted the study, have said that more research is definitely needed before any concrete conclusions can be reached. However, it just goes to show the effect that not enough sleep can have on our bodies, especially in our modern day, when technology, work and social media keep us distracted and up till all hours of the night.

The moral of this story – make sure you get enough sleep! Especially if you’re going travelling and need vaccinations.

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