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Volunteering in Mozambique


What is your name and where have you been?

My name is Misha and I went to Mozambique.


How old were you when you first went travelling?

I went when I was 22.


What made you decide to take the leap and go travelling?

I decided to go as I always wanted to be involved in international aid, volunteering abroad was my motivation.


What did you plan to do during your trip? (i.e. to learn, explore etc.)

On my trip I stayed and worked in a village, working in a local orphanage and on community projects such as cleaning the village and HIV awareness days etc.


How long were you away?

I was in Mozambique for 3 months.


How did you plan your trip? (E.g. through a website or by yourself?)

The trip was planned through a charity who run a Global exchange programme.


Did you need any medical treatment while you were away? If so why?

Whilst in Mozambique I did go to hospital, I had a malaria scare but the results were negative.


Did you do any exciting/adventurous activities? (I.e. Bungee Jumping/Surfing)

No adventurous activities- I went to work!


What kind of traveler really annoys you?

The type of traveler which really annoys me is those who do not consider the impact they are having on the environment. Eco friendly travel is the most positive way to travel, you can do this easily by choosing alternative transportation and trying to have as little impact on the environment you are staying in as possible.


What have been the highlights of your trips?

My highlights of the trip were seeing the positive impact our group had on the community we were working in – hard work definitely pays off!


Were there any low points during your time away from home? If so what were they?

Yes, spending Christmas and my birthday away were a down point, as well as being ill and dealing with trying to acclimatize to a different climate.


How easy was it to find jobs and did you enjoy them?

The jobs were already organised before we arrived, however we did create our own projects within the community.


Is there anywhere you would recommend everyone visit?

Mozambique beach town Bilene.


What one piece of advice would you give anyone planning to go travelling?

Prepare to experience extreme differences in culture.

a) Try to get a grasp on local languages and dialects (it makes living, working and socialising much easier).

b) Be aware of cultures and customs, and be conscious of what could offend people.


Would you recommend travelling solo or in a group?

I went with a group which was great as an extra source of support. Going away with an organisation gives a structure and also an element of security.

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