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Weird things people have packed

Have you ever been going through security at the airport and noticed the table full of items that have been abandoned or confiscated from people’s hand luggage?

On a trip last year I noticed a very strange object which turned out to be a weird and explicit adult toy! This prompted me to investigate the weird and wonderful things people decide are vital enough that they cannot live without them for an average 10 day trip.

The stories posted on news websites, blogs and Google are extremely strange, amusing and most illegal! The top ten include;

1. A Tiger Cub – The woman was trying to smuggle it onto the black market!
2. A Taser – to make sure you get to the front of every queue at the airport
3. Sea Kelp – maybe it is a delicacy somewhere?
4. A License Plate – he couldn’t bear to leave his car behind…
5. 16 dead ducks – the bounty of a hunting trip
6. An iguana – a refugee who had snuck in
7. A Rattle Snake – because he couldn’t be trusted to stay at home alone
8. Ancient Egyptian Artefacts – just in case the house was burgled
9. A Barbie stuffed with $500 – safer there than in the Bank during this recession!
10. A violin from the 1770s – to cheer everyone up in the departure lounge during your delay

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