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The Weird and Wonderful Items Left on Cruise Ships

We’ve all arrived home from a fabulous holiday only to realise that we’ve left something behind, for example a pair of sunglasses or perhaps some clothing, but now a number of cruise staff have been surveyed to find the weirdest and things left behind by passengers.

Staff from Cunard explained they had once found a solid gold Rolex watch and a priceless heirloom ring – both of which were successfully reunited with their owners. On the other end of the spectrum, another cruise liner employee reported to have found discarded sex toys, numerous pairs of false teeth and $500 in an envelope all left behind in cabins.

Another guest reported losing her glasses in the ship’s theatre on the first night, and when she went to the lost and found department, 20 pairs of glasses and sunglasses had already been lost by other passengers. Other commonly lost items include underwear, mobile phones and cameras.

Although most cruise lines will assist passengers to retrieve their items as much as possible, the best form of protection against loss is prevention.  Ensure you keep valuable or important items on you at all times or locked in your cabin’s safe, always be careful when out of deck as items can easily be dropped over the edge by accident, and make sure you do a thorough sweep of your room before you depart.

You should also ensure you invest in quality cruise travel insurance, to ensure you can make a claim if your items are lost, stolen, damaged or delayed during your trip. Visit and check out our Cruise Extension for more information.

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