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What do the Budget Reforms mean for Travellers?

On Wednesday 19th March Chancellor George Osborne announced his plans for the future budgets of the UK, including cuts, new ideas and positive changes. The budget affects everything from tax to the price of a pint of beer, and travellers will be happy to know that some positive travel reforms were also announced.

Piggy Bank

It was confirmed that the Chancellor plans to reduce Air Passenger Duty (APD) to some of the most popular long haul destinations from April 2015. Up until now, you could fly to the USA and fall into the lower Tax Band B, however flying to places like Brazil, India and China carried a higher tax band rating of C or D, which was affecting the affordability of travel to countries over 4,000 miles away from the UK.
However, from next year countries such as China, India and Brazil will now fall in line with the USA, and enter the APD band B rates. This should remove any unfair and confusing taxing systems when purchasing flights to travel long haul.
If you’re already day dreaming about summer 2015, then why not consider a long haul trip? Whether you’re heading out on a backpacking adventure or simply want to visit somewhere new and exciting, then long haul travel is a great way to collect new experiences.
When planning your own budget, just remember to include quality travel insurance in your vital costs. Without travel insurance you would be vulnerable to cancellation costs, medical emergencies and damaged or missing possessions. Look for providers who offer at least £5,000,000 medical cover when travelling outside of Europe, and cancellation limits which will cover the pre-paid costs of your trip.
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