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What if Travel Insurance Covered…

When purchasing travel insurance, some people may laugh at the weird and wonderful things included in certain policies, for example ‘at least if I’m kidnapped I know I’ll be reimbursed for the bother!’
However, according to a recent survey by Go Compare it would seem that many travellers have a wish list of weird and wonderful things they wish were covered. In fact, over 40% of people wish they could claim for accommodation which didn’t live up to expectations, over 1/3 wish they could claim for inedible food and around 15% would love to claim against rude hotel staff.


Some of the cover ideas which made the top ten most popular included;
• Misleading descriptions of hotels and holiday accommodation, bad food plus rude staff

• Bad weather

• Annoying fellow guests including noise pollution and drunken guests

• Delayed departure

• Badly organised events
Unfortunately, travel insurance is not designed to protect against things like bad food, rude staff and bad events, unless they make you ill of course, as this is the kind of thing you would need to raise with the hotel or restaurant and try to arrange compensation.

However, travel insurance can step in to cover things like annoying departure delay, by compensating you per 12 hours you are delayed with money to buy food and magazines etc. If you are delayed by 24 hours, there are also insurers who will cover you to abandon the trip entirely and reclaim the costs.
Furthermore, if your accommodation is uninhabitable due to a natural disaster such as flooding, or if you need to cancel your trip due to ‘bad weather’ such as a natural disaster like ash cloud, some policies will step in to help you.
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