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What is a Baby Moon?

Much like a ‘Honeymoon’, a ‘Baby Moon’ refers to a holiday taken by couple, at a significant point in their lives together; it is a trip taken by a pregnant couple before they begin the amazing (and sleepless) journey into parenthood.

Baby moons are a great idea for couples who want one last holiday together to relax and unwind before the birth of their child, which will probably signal an end to relaxing trips abroad for a while.
Baby moon holidays can vary depending on the type of holiday you want, however on the whole most people choose a relaxing European break in a great resort. You could opt for anywhere with great weather and a nice beach, or you could aim for a luxury resort which offers prenatal massage to relieve the stresses of pregnancy.
However, before you rush to book your trip, there are a few things you should consider before booking a baby moon holiday;
How many weeks are you?

Airlines and ferry/cruise companies all have rules and restrictions about pregnant travellers, so you need to do your research before you book anything. Airlines usually restrict travel after the 36th week, and after the 27th week most require a letter from your doctor to allow you to board.
Where are you travelling?

Even if you’re only a few weeks pregnant, you need to pick a destination that has adequate health care, just in case you need medical attention.
Have you got valid travel insurance?

Travel insurance should be a vital part of all holiday planning, and especially if you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is a natural state, therefore you shouldn’t need to declare it to your insurer, however you will need to declare any linked conditions (e.g. high blood pressure). You also need to read your policy’s rules on pregnancy, to make sure you’re covered.

For more information on quality pregnancy travel insurance, visit our dedicated pregnancy page.

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